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FAICA, Filtros Agro - Industriales
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Filtros Agroindustriales C.A. (FAICA) is a company from a totally venezuelan capital, which is dedicated to the filtrating elements for the agroindustrial area.

Faica was born because of the economics changes ocurred at the country in the 80's, these changes made it difficult for companies who used to import filtrating elements for people. Therefore in 1987 Faica begins producing Air Filtrating Products for Diesel Motors with the purpose to make it easier for import affairs.

At the begining, Faica had fully artisan productive process, meanwhile product's gama was eleven (11) models and its installing capacity was about 10 filters per day. At the early years, the company wasn't able to produce the required gama of products to the market, due to there was no proper machine to face that demand and having the necessity of using third party products to the production of certain filter accesories, combined to this the financial capacity was limited to the direct filtering paper, which is the principal component of a filter.

In the early years the company had a small quantity of clients, and its rol at the market was about 2%. Faica currently has more than a thousand (1000) filtering elements models divided in four different categories: Air, Oil, Fuel and Rag, which the air category represents a 60% of the total production. The average production is 500 filters per day and the sales average is 70,000 units a year.

The increasement of production is mainly because of the new markets, improvement of the productive processes, new machines, utomatization of process and of course quality improvement.

Nowadays Faica has about a 15% in the market enviroment. The comercialization is made through a dealers network located in all the country. Faica evolution is because it always had an internal improvement, achieving a structure that allows take challenges in the market, increasing its capital and also the physical availability.

A capable group works as their working team, which had faithfully contributed with its evolution and growing, this team currently have 45 peoples divided into Plant Area, Administration and Sales.